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    • Rounded handle allows for tighter grip and comfort
    • V35 curve is more aggressive with increased blade twist
    • Rounded toe and heel on curve pattern
    • Sloped hand position at top of paddle
    • 18k carbon weave for high strength and stiffness
    • Added layering in blade for additional strength
    • Thin profile reduces mass and weight
    • Extremely well balanced for lighter feel
    • Available in standard hand only
    • Available in 24″, 25″, 26″, 27″ paddle length
    • Full carbon fiber construction for extreme light weight
    • Pro-spec construction for optimal performance
    • Hexagon shaped grip area designed for precision control
    • 18k carbon weave for stiffness and puck deflection
    • V31 pro curve for good puck lift while shooting
    • Bias weave reinforced blade for improved stiffness
    • Added layering in blade for additional strength
    • 678 grams for great feel and balance
    • Internal foam matrix material to reduce and dampen vibrations
    • Thin profile on paddle reduces weight and mass for improved balance
    • Rounded corners on paddle give superior grip and feel
    • Durable High modulus carbon fiber construction gives added strength for great durability
    • Available in standard and opposite curves
    • Matte finish Silver and Black main colors
    • Available in 24″, 25″, 26″, 27″ paddle length
    • Foam core base with internal composite inserts for added performance
    • Carbon graphite laminated blade with bias weave material for excellent stiffness which provides excellent puck deflection and control
    • Paddle is laminated with vertical Fiberglass and carbon reinforcements to provide added stiffness and durability
    • Stiff construction provides for more power in shooting
    • Blade composite design reduces twisting for increased puck control
    • Light weight and balanced design
    • Thin profile paddle for reduced weight and balance
    • Sloped top paddle area for more comfortable grip and added stick control
    • V31 mid blade curve to assist in puck lift while shooting
    • Aspen laminated handle with fiberglass and graphite reinforcements
    • Available in standard and opposite curves
    • Available in paddle length 24”, 25”, 26”, 27”
    • Available in four colors, Black/White, Blue/White, Red/White, White/Black
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  • (800) 567-3943 order line
  • (248) 969-8956

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