Can I order my pads with Pro stuffing?

There are no differences in the internal stuffing on a pad whether it is a custom or Pro pad or if it is a standard production pad. Our standard pads have a medium density stuffing which is a good blend of light weight and durability. We do on occasion have a pro goaltender ask for a pad to be stuffed harder or softer but this is not a material change or a different quality.

Can I have my custom made product made in the Pro department?

We do not have a designated Pro department. Our products are made one at a time regardless whether it is a standard item or a custom item. They are made by the same people using the same process.

Is custom gear made better than stock gear?

There is no difference in the quality or performance of stock or custom gear. All the same materials, machinery and production staff are used to make the product.

Can I have custom modifications made to my equipment when I order?

We can do many custom modifications. Some items, such as colors, have no extra cost. Changes that require extra time or engineering to be done will have an additional cost. The cost of this is determined by the time and materials required. You would have to have your dealer send the information to us to receive a quote.

How long does it take to have custom gear made?

Delivery times change during the year according to the amount of goods we have on order at that time. It is best to plan ahead and allow plenty of time.

Does it take longer to have custom gear made compared to standard product?

The delivery time is usually the same unless the custom gear has several modifications that require engineering work to be done. The orders are all processed on a first in first out basis.

One dealer quoted delivery time much shorter than most others...why?

Delivery times on all new orders from all dealers are the same. What does sometimes happen is a dealer may have an order placed already that matches what you need or they were able to make a change to meet your order resulting in shorter delivery times.

Does Vaughn sell their products directly to the end consumer?

Vaughn does not sell factory direct. We feel that it is essential for a customer to be personally fitted for equipment to ensure proper fit and model selection. This is best done at your local retailer.

Does Vaughn sponsor individual players or teams?

Vaughn does not sponsor individuals or teams as deciding who would be more deserving would be an impossible task. We have instead decided to make charitable contributions in our local community and with some national events.

If my equipment needs repairing, where should I take/send it?

You may want to check your local area for repair services that may be available. We also offer a repair sevice at both our factories. Please contact us to arrange to have your equipment sent to us for repairs. We do have to have the products to quote a repair cost.

What is your policy on warranties?

Any products that require repair under warranty should be returned through the retailer that the product was purchased from. We believe in the importance of satisfying our customers by manufacturing quality products. We, however, must be the sole judge in the matter of returns under warranty and we must have the product in hand to make an appropriate determination.

The back pad on my chest & arm protector is riding up too high on the back of my neck. What can I do to correct this?

If the back pad is riding up too high on the back of your neck, it can be adjusted using the series of adjusting holes found where the back pad attaches to the shoulder blade area. Lower the back to a more comfortable position, but keep in mind that it should be as high as possible for maximum protection.

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