• Full Pro Spec domestic construction for optimal performance
  • New Carbon core technology for a higher level of performance
  • Pure Composite front surface for active rebounds
  • Solid outside roll with no break at knee
  • Beveled outside roll with low profile
  • Quick-slide inner edge panels reduces friction on ice for quick movement 
  • Flat smooth inner edge for quick on ice motion
  • Wide inside edge for greater stability in butterfly
  • Balance stabilizer inside edge design
  • Rebound positive design and construction
  • Inner knee block with wrap around carbon reinforcement for added pad control
  • Open knee cradle for pad rotation
  • Rotation control straps with adjustable positioning
  • Wide leg cradle gives leg support in butterfly
  • Inner leg support cushion helps distribute body weight evenly on inside edge of pad 
  • Wider back calf coverage area
  • Inner core with HD foam side profiles for added stiffness
  • Pre shaped design for a precision fit and pad control 
  • Flexible scoop with greater angle for range of motion for flexibility
  • Flatter instep area for increased pad rotation speed
  • Pad design sits taller off skate for faster rotation
  • Available in sizes, 31+2″, 32+2″, 33+2″, 34+2″, 35+2″, 36+2″, 37+1″ and custom sizing is available. 

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All of our custom made Pro Carbon products are handcrafted with pride in our own factories in London, Ontario and Oxford, Michigan and distributed globally.

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