• Carbon Composite in all major impact areas 
  • HD foams used for light weight and increased protection
  • Chest design expands coverage area
  • High density ridged foams with Carbon inserts create more solid blocking surface
  • Extended side rib cage coverage articulated for optimal fit and flex
  • Chest pad vertical adjustment system 
  • Higher chest pad neck line
  • Large back pad with HD foam over spine area
  • Large style shoulder floaters for maximum coverage 
  • Large shoulder cap provides increased impact resistance
  • Back shoulder blade padding
  • Second shoulder cap extends into upper bicep area to increase coverage
  • Constructed with wider shoulder area for greater blocking surface
  • Kevlar® ballistic package in chest pad for maximum protection
  • Designed for light weight and comfort with extreme adjustability
  • Flat profile arm caps increase coverage area
  • Increased length wrist straps for more secure fit
  • Lower chest pad flap integrates into pants for overlapping proteciton
  • Full Pro-spec domestic construction 
  • Arm floaters with deeper side profile adds to coverage area
  • Arm floaters with nylon covering for reduced friction with Jersey for quicker movement
  • Outer bicep extension pad expands coverage and protection area
  • Deep inside arm profile adds protection surface area
  • Arm floaters with middle bar pad in center seam
  • Arm floaters with HD and Carbon inserts for added protection and stability
  • Molded Plastizote® foam and HD foam elbow caps
  • Available in two colors Black/Charcoal and Black/Red
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and custom
  • (519) 453-4229
  • (800) 567-3943 order line
  • (248) 969-8956

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All of our custom made Pro Carbon products are handcrafted with pride in our own factories in London, Ontario and Oxford, Michigan and distributed globally.

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