The Best Goalies in the World Choose Vaughn

82% of pro goalies wear at least one piece
of Vaughn equipment on the ice

Breakdown of pro goalies wearing Vaughn gear so far this season:

Chest & Arm or Pants


Leg Pads




GX3 Goal Skate

The new for 2016 GX3 goal skate is ergonomically designed to meet the unique biomechanical needs of a goaltender to achieve maximum performance and comfort.

  • New model offers lower weight
  • Forward pitch design
  • Injection molded outsole
  • Cambrella® internal lining
  • Carbon fiber exterior look
  • Vertical double stitched pattern on boot

Velocity Series 7 Custom

The Velocity Series 7 Custom products are a special version
of our XR Pro and XR Intermediate Velocity V7 products.

VPG XR Pro Leg Pad

  • Custom Color Selections
  • Double, Single or No Break Flex Options
  • Leg Strap Options
  • Three Toe Bar Options
  • Many Sizes Available
  • Embroider Your Name on the Pad

T XR Pro Catch Glove

  • Custom Color Selections
  • Solid or Two-piece Thumb Cuff
  • Single or Double T-web
  • Optional Palm Padding Thickness
  • Embroider Your Name on the Glove

B XR Pro Blocker

  • Custom Color Selections
  • Three Palm Sizes to Choose From
  • Two Palm Material Options
  • Board Plastic Thickness Options
  • Embroider Your Name on the Blocker

Velocity Series 7 Custom delivers in 9 weeks!

In the Zone


Our catch gloves are constructed of selected materials that enable the glove to be custom heat molded to your hand for a true custom fit.