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    VP Ventus SLR Pro

    We do not sell products factory direct or quote prices from the factory. You do have to go through a dealer to purchase product. We have several dealers located in almost every major hockey market. It is best, if possible, to be fitted to ensure proper product sizing and selection. This is best done at your local retailer.

    Click here to view a list of our authorized dealers.

    Any products that require repair under warranty should be returned through the retailer that the product was purchased from. We believe in the importance of satisfying our customers by manufacturing quality products. We, however, must be the sole judge in the matter of returns under warranty and we must have the product in hand to make an appropriate determination.

    Your equipment will wear much better if allowed to thoroughly dry between uses. Wet materials are more subject to abrasive type wear. Equipment should be air dried at room temperature. DO NOT use heat to dry equipment as this can cause premature, unseen damage to the surface materials and internal padding which will accelerate wear.


    Chest & Arm Protectors and Pants should be hand washed only in cold water with a mild detergent. Lightly scrub the item, using a sponge, and then rinse thoroughly. Item should be allowed to air dry. DO NOT submerge any item in water because item will most likely not be able to dry properly. Moist areas, that do not dry properly can form bacteria and mildew. Shrinkage is more likely to occur on soaked items as well. A washing machine is not recommended as water pressure can cause premature separation of coatings on external materials. Never use fabric softener on your equipment for the same reason. You can treat your chest & arm and pants with a spray type of waterproofing, such as Scotchguard. This will also help keep unit cleaner longer. Any kind of treatment that is being applied should be tested on a small area for compatibility before use. Some commercial equipment, that is designed for the cleaning of sports equipment, is available. For further information, check out Esporta Wash Systems Inc.